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Montreal Metro Stations Got Star Wars-Themed Name Changes For May The 4th

The STMpire strikes back ⚔️

MTL Blog, Associate Editor
​A spoofed metro sign for Lionel-Groulx reads 'Lionel-Grogu'. Right: A sign for Viau has been altered to read 'Viau-da.'

A spoofed metro sign for Lionel-Groulx reads 'Lionel-Grogu'. Right: A sign for Viau has been altered to read 'Viau-da.'

If your X-Wing breaks down, today of all days, the STMpire wants you to know you can take the metro to get you to a galaxy not so far, far away. The transit authority took wishing riders "May the 4th be with you" to the next level by renaming metro stations on social media with clever takes on the iconic sci-fi series.

Lionel-Groulx became 'Lionel-Grogu,' riffing on the beloved Baby Yoda character from The Mandalorian series (or is it now 'Manda-Laurier'?). Meanwhile, Pie-IX got a polish with 'C3Pie-IX,' and Viau paid tribute to the ultimate Jedi Master by becoming "Viau-da."

If that's not enough to give travellers a new hope, Acadie became 'Chewbacadie,' which hopefully means all train drivers are wearing Wookie suits today. On the orange line, Beaubien was dubbed 'Beaubien-Fett,' after one of the most feared intergalactic bounty hunters. Fortunately, he's always on time.

Fabre, on the blue line, was dubbed 'Fabre-laser,' as a play on 'sabre laser,' which means 'lightsaber' in French. An English alternative could've been Darth-Fabre. After all, we knew there had to be a sith lord behind the STMpire's decision to raise transit fares.

Further on the dark side, mandatory masks will remain a phantom menace to public transit commuters for the foreseeable future.

As it turns out, Montreal's metro station names lend themselves well to the Star Wars universe.

A quick look at the lightsaber-coloured lines shows 'Obi Wan-grignon' makes an obvious choice for the end of the green line. You might have to wait a little while to rope a ride at 'AT-ATwater.' You can half expect to see a cute alien at 'Édouard-Montpetit-wok,' or multi-limbed and weaponed General Grievous at Place d'Armes (no change needed!). And it's no surprise that Georges-Lucas-Vanier is two stops away from a Bonaventure.

If you love the Star Wars puns, all there is left to say is 'Pap-i-neau'.

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