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A Huge Twitch Tournament Is Happening In March & It's Every Gamer's Dream

There's over $15,000 in prizes to be won!

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A Huge Twitch Tournament Is Happening In March & It's Every Gamer's Dream

Over the past few months, the social platform Twitch has been gaining popularity in Quebec, with more and more creators and viewers connecting on the video livestreaming platform.

The gaming community will be meeting virtually next month to watch the Montreal Canadiens 2023 Winter eGames, and you can even compete in the tournament by registering for free online.

This event, presented by Scotiabank in collaboration with Coke Studio and Mise-O-Jeu, will be the perfect opportunity for video game enthusiasts to show off their skills and prove they're the best.

If you're passionate about sports and want to compete, the championship begins on March 1.

You'll have the chance to build an unbeatable team in FIFA 23, show off your best virtual dunk in NBA 2K, play for your favourite baseball team in MLB The Show 22, unlock cool hockey skills in NHL 23, or score goals with Rocket League's destructive cars.


The tournament will lead to eight finals to accommodate different consoles, so whether you own an Xbox or a PlayStation, you'll be able to participate.

The semi-final and final matches of NHL 23 will be broadcast live on the official Montreal Candiens Twitch channel. The entire tournament will take place online, and the best players will be awarded awesome prizes.

The grand prize, awarded to the winner of each final, includes a pair of tickets to a Canadiens home game in the Club section, a $150 gift card to the Habs' store Tricolore Sports and an EA video game of their choice. In addition, Scotiabank is throwing in Tricolore Sports merch.

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The second-place finalists won't be left out either — they'll receive a $100 gift card to Tricolore Sports for their efforts.

If you're the type of person who thinks that participation is the most important thing, you won't be disappointed, as participation prizes will also be given out randomly among the competitors. All you need to do is play a full match for a chance to win one of ten $50 Tricolore Sports gift cards.

The tournament games include NHL 23, NBA 2K, MLB The Show 22, FIFA 23 and Rocket League, and participants can join the competition via their PlayStation or Xbox console.

Montreal Canadiens 2023 Winter eGames

Cost: Free

When: The tournament runs March 1-26. Semi-finals and finals will be held on the following dates:

  • MLB The Show 22 — March 10
  • Rocket League — March 17
  • NBA 2K — March 22
  • FIFA 23 — March 24
  • NHL 23 — March 26*

* Available on Twitch

To learn more about the Montreal Canadiens Winter Gamees, check out thewebsite of Montreal Canadiens, or follow their Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

Avery Friedlander
Senior Copy Editor
Avery Friedlander is a Senior Copy Editor for Narcity Media Group and is based in Ottawa.