A Man Won Over $3 Million In The Montreal Casino's Largest Progressive Jackpot Ever

He doesn't plan to retire just yet.

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Claude Martin and his wife are showered in confetti after his multi-million-dollar win.

Claude Martin and his wife are showered in confetti after his multi-million-dollar win.

A Lanaudière resident named Claude Martin took home over three million dollars on Friday, January 20, in what the Montreal Casino is calling its "largest progressive jackpot in the history of the Casino."

Martin's total winnings came up to $3,056,175, a sum composed of thousands of five-dollar bets made across all four of Loto-Québec's casinos. The casinos all participate in the 4 Casino Progressive Lottery, where individual bets are added up forever until someone happens to win the whole pile, as Martin so fortunately did.

Martin told Loto-Québec that he's passionate about his job and not considering retirement just yet, although he did say that he plans to "slow down" a little, according to a recent press release.

Martin also wants to invest in his dream car and a cottage property near a lake. He was initially at the Montreal Casino to attend a Roch Voisine show, but in the excitement of winning three million dollars, he understandably never made it to the concert.

The winning hand that granted Martin the entire four-card progressive lot was "a royal flush in spades revealed on the flop," whatever that means.

Martin can be seen in a Facebook video celebrating with his wife as paper confetti rains down on the guests. The two, along with other relatives, had previously had dinner at Le Montréal before Martin decided to try his luck at three-card poker.

His luck held unbelievably well, and the happiness is evident on both of their faces as the Martins get used to their newfound riches.

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