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A Montreal Luminothérapie Installation Could Totally Beat You Up During Strong Wind (VIDEO)

Redditors had jokes.

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Luminothérapie installation 'PRISMATICA​' in downtown Montreal.

Luminothérapie installation 'PRISMATICA' in downtown Montreal.

Luminothérapie is an annual installation in downtown Montreal designed to bring you some light, calm and joy during the dark winter months. It might also beat you up. As one Redditor pointed out, part of this year's edition becomes particularly terrifying during moments of strong wind. Commenters likened the quickly swirling columns to a video game graphic bug, portals to another world and trippy Hydro-Québec turbines. Others agreed the dizzying blur of colours has the exact opposite effect of relieving anxiety.

"These installations become a bit stressful with the wind," u/LeStebbins wrote alongside a December 23 video of PRISMATICA, a series of two-metre-high reflective columns on rue Sainte-Catherine O. Passersby are able to spin the columns and watch as their lights bounce across the ground.

But, as u/LeStebbins's video shows, the addition of strong gusts turns the whimsical display into an intimidating battlement.

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Jokes ensued.

u/MadMadBunny suggested the prisms risk rupturing the space-time continuum. u/ostiDeCalisse hypothesized that they've influenced recent weather patterns.

u/alien_bananas had a more lighthearted prediction: that "if they all turn at the same time, it opens a Zelda temple."

u/lastchanceimtaking feared for the wellbeing of pedestrians. "I don't know how people around walk calmly," they wrote. "I'd panic."

PRISMATICA is one of several Luminothérapie installations during the 2022-2023 season. They also include interactive projections of aquatic animals, titled Au bord du lac Tranquille, on the Esplanade Tranquille skating rink; NØRD, projections of arctic scenes on building façades downtown; and effet domino, large, brightly-coloured pieces that make music when users knock them down.

    Thomas MacDonald
    Senior Editor
    Thomas MacDonald is a Senior Editor for MTL Blog focused on Montreal public transit and is based in Montreal, Quebec.
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