A Montrealer Accidentally Ate A Mouldy 'Blueberry' Waffle & Reddit Got Pretty Worked Up

Apparently, it tasted just fine.

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A photo of Redditor r/RandyBoBandy___ holding a mouldy waffle. Right: Boxes of Eggos in a grocery store.

A photo of Redditor r/RandyBoBandy___ holding a mouldy waffle. Right: Boxes of Eggos in a grocery store.

Popping a frozen blueberry waffle into the toaster and slathering it in maple syrup is an ordinary start to a beautiful day — unless those aren't blueberries, and are instead patches of blue-green mould.

Such was a Montrealer named Majd's experience on one unfortunate morning when he happily ate a deeply, deeply mouldy Eggo waffle. Like any beleaguered young internet user, Majd took to Reddit's r/mildlyinfuriating with his plight — and garnered a respectable 141,000 upvotes.

"After eating two of these blueberry waffles," the post's title reads, "i went to heat up two more and saw that the package was for plain waffles. I ate mold."

Did the number of upvotes offset the pain of consuming mould? Perhaps a little, but mostly Majd finds the whole situation a little silly.

In a conversation over the phone with MTL Blog, neither of us could keep from giggling as we tried to have a serious, journalism-minded chat about what is frankly a ridiculous thing to have gone so viral.

"I just thought people would find it funny," Majd told me. "I don't know why it went as viral as it did, it's just a mistake" that anyone could have made, he added. "It's a very silly thing to happen to someone."

It's actually Majd's second time being covered by MTL Blog — he was the subject of a kidnapping prank gone semi-viral in 2018, when the police were called and the boys involved ended up getting arrested. "If you Google 'Montreal kidnapping prank,' you'll find us!" he laughed.

When asked how the cursed waffle tasted, Majd provided some useful background: it was 5 a.m. at the time, and he had somewhat of a cold. "I put a whole lot of maple syrup on it," he said, "so I didn't taste it. It tasted like a normal waffle to me."

But Redditors pointed out that it may have been anything BUT normal. User Punk_n_Destroy said, "Fun fact: mold is a fungus so the spots you see are only the fruiting part of the mold. That whole waffle may be packed full of mycelium."

"Generally, eating some mold is fine," the user continued, "but if you experience any shortness of breath, nausea, fever, or diarrhea I would make a trip to see your doctor. Also, hold onto those extra waffles until you’re in the clear. If you get sick, having a specimen can help the doctors treat you more easily."

Majd's main takeaway from this experience? "Always check your food," and be sure to post your mistakes on a public forum, where other people might gain a little joy out of it.

"I'm a pretty normal person," Majd told us, and mouldy food is a common experience. So, who knows? Maybe you'll be next — to experience the awful sensation of mould in your mouth, and even to gain some internet fame from it all.

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