Quebec Has A Foreboding New Commercial Calling Out People Who Have Private Gatherings

"Every exception puts lives at risk."
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A New Commercial Calls Out People Who Have Private Gatherings In Quebec (VIDEO)

A new public commercial shared on Premier François Legault's social media pages directly calls out people who still have private gatherings in Quebec despite their prohibition.

The ad warns that "every exception puts lives at risk" and that everyone must follow health regulations without exception. 

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Every exception to the instructions can endanger a loved one and worsen the situation in our hospitals.

Premier François Legault

The commercial outlines several examples where people, no matter how well-intentioned, find exceptions to the health regulations against gatherings. 

It makes the point that these scenarios put the health network at risk, using the example of a nurse named "Anouk" who knows that "every exception puts lives at risk."

These "exceptions" include a hypothetical "Félix and Sophie" who spend the afternoon with their grandparents and an "Eric" who invites his friends over for a glass of wine. 

"You need to respect all the rules, all the time, without exception," the video concludes.

As Legault has reiterated in almost every one of his press conferences, private gatherings are not allowed in Quebec. And with an 8 p.m. curfew, evening visits are out of the question. 

While there are certain gathering exceptions like kids going to school, the Félixes, Sophies and Erics of the world will have to wait to visit friends and family again.

Teddy Elliot
Staff Writer
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