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The SPVM Dropped A Promo Vid For A New Squad Just For Homeless Intervention In The Metro

Police say it's about offering "support to people who are homeless" — not ticketing them.
The SPVM Dropped A Promo Vid For A New Squad Just For Homeless Intervention In The Metro

The Service de Police de la Ville de Montreal (SPVM) dropped a YouTube video promoting L’Équipe métro d’intervention et de concertation (EMIC) — a new-ish SPVM squad that patrols Montreal's metro network to "offer support to people who are homeless."

The team — consisting of an SPVM officer, an STM inspector and a social worker — was created at the end of November, but the video was released on January 21, as the government and police force faced criticism over ticketing homeless Montrealers during curfew hours

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It's especially not to give out tickets. 

Sophie Bellemare, SPVM officer

According to a squad social worker, Paul-Emmanuel Montissol of La Société de Développement Social (SDS), his expertise helps him refer homeless people to the appropriate resources available to meet their needs.  

The video shows the EMIC squad providing food, face masks, clothing, supplies — and even a fist bump — to homeless Quebecers frequenting Montreal's metro system.

There's also a black-and-white shot of the squad walking in slow motion as they prepare to take on the day.  

"The three institutions, we have a synergy for the purpose of problem-solving," says STM inspector Robert Francis Turmel in the video. 

"It's very positive, it's well-received ... everyone wins," says SPVM officer Sophie Bellemare. 

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