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A 19-Year-Old Has Died After Being Stabbed In Outremont Saturday Night

It's the city's 33rd homicide of 2022.

An SPVM officer stands in front of a squad car.

An SPVM officer stands in front of a squad car.

At 12:35 on Saturday morning, the SPVM received a call that a young man had been stabbed on Avenue Ducharme near Avenue Wiseman in Outremont, according to SPVM spokesperson Julien Lévesque.

The victim, 19, was transported to the hospital in critical condition after an "altercation" between several people led to his injuries. The 19-year-old suffered severe trauma to his upper body and later succumbed to his injuries in the hospital, Lévesque said.

Investigators from the major crime unit, as well as K-9 units, were called to analyze the crime scene, and investigations are underway to determine more information about the incident.

This is the 33rd murder to take place in Montreal this year, according to the SPVM.

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