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A Pedestrian Has Died After Getting Hit & Dragged By A Truck In Montreal

He was earlier transported to the hospital with "serious injuries" to his lower body.

Montreal ambulance.

Montreal ambulance.

Montreal police confirmed Monday morning that a pedestrian who got hit and dragged by a truck in the Centre-Sud neighbourhood of Ville-Marie on Sunday has died.

The collision occurred at around 12 p.m. near the intersection of boulevard de Maisonneuve and avenue de Lorimier. A police spokesperson said the pedestrian became stuck underneath the truck and was dragged two metres. It's not clear how the pedestrian, a 34-year-old man, got lodged under the vehicle.

He sustained what the spokesperson described as serious injuries to his lower body and was transported to the hospital where he later died. The truck driver was treated for shock at the scene.

Collision experts were on-site to determine the cause of the collision. Avenue de Lorimer was closed between rue Sainte-Catherine and boulevard de Maisonneuve to make way for their investigation.

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