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A Québec Solidaire Candidate Dropped Out After Getting Caught Snatching A PQ Flyer (VIDEO)

She apparently swapped it for one of her own.

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Former QS candidate Marie-Eve Rancourt.

Former QS candidate Marie-Eve Rancourt.

With the Quebec election less than a week away, the race to garner votes is getting more competitive. One candidate, from Québec Solidaire, took the competition too far and, even worse, got caught in 4k. Marie-Eve Rancourt, the QS candidate for Camille-Laurin in Hochelaga-Maisonneuve, was seen removing a Parti Québécois flyer from a constituent's mailbox.

The resident, Guy Misson, posted footage from his front doorstep on Facebook. In the first video, a PQ volunteer places the party's flyer in his mailbox. Later, Rancourt herself can be seen putting a QS flyer in the man's mailbox before removing the PQ's and walking away like nothing happened.

"In my opinion, there's only one word for this... it's ROBBERY pure and simple!!!" Misson said in his post, asking rhetorically, "is this what democracy means to Québec Solidaire?"

The post received over one thousand shares on Facebook alone. Rancourt, who is a lawyer by profession, made her own post on Facebook, apologizing directly to Paul St-Pierre Plamondon, the PQ leader and her opponent in Camille-Laurin.

"I want to personally apologize to Paul St-Pierre Plamondon for the video that appeared on Facebook," Rancourt's post reads. "This should never have happened. All candidates have their place in this race and I am committed to finishing this electoral race in a respectful and fair manner."

Unfortunately for Rancourt, she would never get that chance. Later that afternoon, on Monday, September 26, QS spokesperson Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois confirmed on Twitter that Rancourt had withdrawn her candidacy.

"Following a discussion with Marie-Eve Rancourt, she told me of her decision to withdraw her candidacy in the riding of Camille-Laurin," Nadeau-Dubois said. "Manon and I have accepted this decision." Rancourt posted a follow-up on Facebook confirming this news.

Misson himself posted a final response to the situation, directed right at Rancourt. He wrote that he was considering reporting the incident to the police, but had decided not to in light of Rancourt's withdrawal of candidacy.

"The consequences of your action are enough without adding others that would be much more damaging to you," Misson wrote. "I wish you good luck in your future endeavours."

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    Willa Holt
    Staff Writer
    Willa Holt is a Staff Writer for MTL Blog focused on apartments for rent and is based in Montreal, Quebec.
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