Legault Says Re-Confinement Would Happen By Region If There Were A Second Wave

Instead of the whole province.
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At a press conference on Thursday, Quebec Premier François Legault said that if there were a second wave of COVID-19 in Quebec, any sort of re-confinement would be done on a region-by-region basis. Although he made clear that the situation has not yet reached that point.

"For now, there are no plans to confine areas of Quebec," said Legault.

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If we ever get there, [confinement] would be by region or even sub-region. 

Quebec Premier François Legault

Legault mentioned that for now, the government wouldn't close down bars or karaoke joints despite the fact that some outbreaks have been traced to such establishments

The premier dismissed the notion of closing karaoke bars, convinced that in many cases, these businesses are following the health regulations.

"If bars and karaoke bars don't follow the rules, we'll follow up with them," he underlined.

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