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Amazon Is Opening 5 New Facilities In Quebec & Will Be Hiring For 1,000 Jobs

One of the sort centres will be GIGANTIC!
Amazon Is Opening 5 New Facilities In Quebec & Will Be Hiring For 1,000 Jobs

Amazon is opening five new facilities in Quebec — two sortation centres and three delivery stations — which it says will bring more than 1,000 new jobs to the province. 

These will be the first three delivery stations in the province, and one of the sortation centres will be the largest in Quebec — at 520,000 square feet, it'll be equivalent to more than five CFL football fields. 

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1,000 New Amazon jobs expected in Quebec

Sortation centres and delivery stations are two stops on an Amazon package's journey.

Boxes are first packaged at Amazon's customer fulfillment sites, then transported to sortation centres where they're sorted by postal code.

After that, they go to delivery stations — the final leg before reaching customers — where they're loaded into vehicles and delivered to your door.  

"Our new facilities will help us meet our customers' growing demand for great products and faster delivery times," said Jean-Francois Héroux, site leader at Amazon Canada in a statement

In terms of jobs, Amazon promises "competitive pay, industry-leading benefits and career growth opportunities starting on day one." 

Though CBC reported on health concerns in Canadian Amazon warehouses last year, Amazon says it "prioritizes the safety and health of its employees" and has invested more than $961 million in safety measures and equipment.

Five-hundred jobs will come from the gigantic sortation centre opening in Coteau-du-Lac alone. 

The other new sortation centre will be located in Longueuil, and the new delivery stations will be located in Laval and Lachine.

The new facilities are set to open in 2021 and 2022. 

If you can't wait that long for a job, Amazon is currently hiring seasonal associates at existing warehouses in Longueuil and Lachine at a rate of $16 per hour.

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