Amazon Prime Canada Increased Its Membership Fee — Here's How Much More You'll Be Paying

This is the first time Amazon Prime fees have gone up in Canada since its start in 2013.

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Amazon prime delivery driver dropping off packages.

Amazon prime delivery driver dropping off packages.

Amazon Prime is truly one of the most innovative services offered today. Getting a package delivered to your door in less than 24-hours? A blessing. While Amazon Canada has offered its service at a reasonably low price since its start back in January 2013, that's all changing.

Amazon Canada announced today that it would officially be increasing its Prime membership fee for all Canadian Prime users.

"On April 8, 2022, we announced price increases for our Prime Membership plans. The updated pricing will apply to Prime sign ups beginning on April 8, 2022. For current Prime members, the new prices will apply after May 13, 2022, on the date of their next renewal," Amazon states on their website.

Amazon seems to be following Netflix with its price increase, but how much is Prime going up by?

Previously, Amazon offered its Prime delivery service to Canadians for an annual fee of $79 or a monthly fee of $7.99. These prices have been consistent for nearly a decade.

Following Amazon's price change, the current Prime membership costs $99 per year or $9.99 per month. This means that Amazon is now charging Prime customers $2 more than the previous price if they pay monthly.

Luckily, Amazon continues to offer reduced Prime pricing for students, with an annual fee of $49 or a monthly fee of $4.99.

So, if you're currently enrolled in at least one course at a college, university or CEGEP located in Canada, you're eligible for the student pricing — as long as you can show proof of enrollment, of course.

For residents of Quebec, there is no Prime Student trial offered.

"When you sign up as a new member of Prime Student at the rate of $49 a year (annual plan) or $4.99 a month (monthly plan), you'll receive a membership with a longer initial term," Amazon says.

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