This Montreal Company Makes Tiny Tiramisù That Taste Like Little Bites Of Heaven

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This Montreal Company Makes Tiny Tiramisù That Taste Like Little Bites Of Heaven

What's better than a light yet decadent tiramisù? Having your personal bowl that's as beautifully created as it is delicious, just like Attimi does for you.

Attimi is a Montreal-based company that'll have you becoming a tiramisù connoisseur in absolutely no time.

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Tiramisù is a popular dessert from Italy that is known for its coffee flavour, its soaked ladyfingers and for being oh so creamy.*

Attimi offers a traditional recipe, Pistacchio, Nutella, Pan di Stelle and some seasonal flavours, like Bailey's for Christmas and for March the Mimosa Tiramisù, a traditional Italian cake made with a sponge base and Grand Marnier.*

The cups range from $3 to $6.50 and are available for pickup or delivery.

"Tiramisù has always been the favourite dessert of my family," owner Maria told MTL Blog. "When I was a kid, I was watching and helping my mom making it with so much [pride] and happiness because she knew I was just waiting for that."

"With years, I always had fun playing with new flavours and combinations, admiring pastry chefs reinventing one of the most famous Italian desserts."

"This passion brought me to share this on my page, where it is more than just selling the product, but also sharing stories and new flavours to all."


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Why You Need To Go: For a sweet treat that's so decadent and divine and, most importantly, delicious.

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