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The Average Price Of A Home In Quebec Is Forecast To Rise Even More This Year

But the increase could see a big slowdown in 2022.

If your Millennial or Gen Z dreams of homeownership are on life support, a new report from the Canadian Real Estate Association is sure to provide the coup de grâce.

The CREA expects the average price of a home in Quebec to climb over 16% this year, bringing it to $439,396 in 2021.

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Meanwhile, the average price of a home in Canada is forecast to reach $665,329, which is 16.5% more than last year.

More modest increases are expected in 2022 when the average price for a home in Quebec and Canada will reach $462,685 and $679,341, respectively.

The reason is “the current unprecedented imbalance of supply and demand,” states the report. “Conditions are now favouring sellers to some extent in virtually all local markets.”