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The City Of Montreal Ranked In Canada's Top 20 Best Employers & It Has Lots Of Open Jobs

The City's highest rating was in the work-life balance category. 💸

The City Of Montreal Ranked In Canada's Top 20 Best Employers & It Has Lots Of Open Jobs

When you think about the City of Montreal, your mind may conjure images of garbage collection, snow clearing and Mayor Valérie Plante. But if you're looking for work, you may also want to start thinking of the City of Montreal as a viable employment option because it just ranked among the top 20 best employers in Canada — and there are plenty of open jobs available.

According to Glassdoor's Best Places To Work 2022 list, The City of Montreal is the 18th best place to work in the country, earning 4.1 out of 5 stars overall and 4.3 stars — its highest rating — in the work-life balance category. A Glassdoor news release says it determines the winners "based solely on employee feedback — no nomination process, no employee surveys or questionnaires, and no costs or fees involved."

Reacting to the news in a press release, the City of Montreal's executive committee president responsible for human resources, Dominique Ollivier, said, "Our administration is committed to the well-being of the City of Montreal's employees and works tirelessly to create inclusive, respectful and attractive workplaces. Glassdoor's 2022 ranking confirms that our efforts are paying off."

The press release notes that it offers flexible hours, ongoing training and mentoring programs, a group insurance program, a pension plan, an "advantageous" vacation plan, maternity and adoption leave, and parental leave to many of its employees.

Right now, the City of Montreal has a bunch of open positions.

If you have swimming skills, the City is currently hiring seasonal and student lifeguards. In 2021, it hired 383 employees related to "aquatic functions," a spokesperson told MTL Blog, so you can expect that it likely has a similar number of roles to fill this year.

Lifeguards get paid $16.73 an hour as of November. The City is also looking for lifeguard team leaders who would earn $18.95 per hour and an aquatic coordinator who would make $28.04 per hour.

Ever wanted to be a crossing guard? The City is hiring 64 brigadier scolaires. The gig pays an hourly wage of $19.48 as of November.

If you have more experience, there are also multiple job opportunities that pay over $100,000 including a director for the citizen experience and 311 service centre, a director of the Biodôme, a water treatment plant director and a director of culture, sports, recreation and social development.

You can apply on the City of Montreal careers webpage.

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