A Settlement With Apple Was Approved & Eligible Quebecers Could Claim $175

The class-action lawsuit involved a graphics issue with 15 and 17-inch 2011 MacBook Pros.
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Class-Action Lawsuit Settlement With Apple Will See Eligible Quebecers Get $175

On May 11, the Quebec Superior Court approved a settlement in a class-action lawsuit involving Apple and consumers who bought a 15 or 17-inch 2011 MacBook Pro and experienced a graphics issue. PCMag was the first to report the settlement approval.

Under the terms of the settlement, eligible individuals are entitled to compensation.

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Who is a member of the class?

Lawyers from the Lex Group represented the plaintiff.

On its website, the group defines the class as consisting of individuals who "live in Quebec and purchased, own, or owned a 15” or 17” 2011 MacBook Pro Laptop" or individuals who "live elsewhere but purchased such a Device in Quebec."

The settlement further divides the class into two groups.

The first group, Lex Group attorney David Assor told MTL Blog, consists of consumers who received service from Apple for the graphics issue, as well as consumers who contacted Apple about the problem but never received such service.

The second group includes people who experienced the graphics problem that was the subject of the lawsuit but who never contacted Apple about it.

What's the compensation?

Members in the first group will automatically receive $175 per device, Assor said.

Members in the second group will have to make a claim on the settlement website. They will also be eligible to receive $175 per device.

Finally, members of both groups will be able to make a claim for repair expenses for which they have not already received a reimbursement.

For this claim, eligible consumers must have a receipt for their purchase of the 15 or 17-inch 2011 MacBook Pro dated before December 31, 2017, Assor explained.

When will members of the class be able to make a claim?

The court ordered the claim form to become available within 10 days of the "effective date," which Assor said has not yet been determined. 

He estimated that the effective date could occur in four to six weeks.

At that time, an online claim portal will open on the settlement website.

The settlement represents a "compromise of disputed claims and is not an admission of liability, wrongdoing or fault on the part of" Apple, according to the website.

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