COVID-19 Hospitalizations In Quebec Have Risen 50% In Just Three Weeks

It's even more "pronounced" in Montreal.
COVID-19 Hospitalizations In Quebec Have Risen 50% In Just Three Weeks

New data from the National Institute of Excellence in Health and Social Services (INESSS) shows that COVID-19 hospitalizations in Quebec have risen by 50% in the last three weeks.

Quebec's Ministry of Health and Social Services issued a press release on December 18, stating that "the phenomenon is much more pronounced in the Montreal area."

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We must at all costs prevent outbreaks from occurring in hospital settings [...] We must do this gesture of solidarity to protect the most vulnerable people and our staff in the health network.

Christian Dubé, health minister 

The number of new COVID-19 cases in the province is up 15% at 12,994 compared to 11,331 the previous week, according to INESSS data.

The ministry says that projections suggest the number of hospital beds in the province should be sufficient for the next month. 

But, in Montreal, the ministry says the situation is different. The projected number of new hospitalizations remains high and continues to rise, according to its data.

In the press release, Health Minister Christian Dubé urged Quebecers to be extra careful and limit their contacts over the holiday period.

"Although the vaccinations began on Monday, the fact remains that we must make great efforts to prevent the spread of the virus for several more weeks," he said.

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