Dr. Arruda Said The End Of Mandatory Masks Is 'Coming' In Quebec... Eventually

He gave no date and said there would be conditions, but he suggested it's in the plans.
Dr. Arruda Said The End Of Mandatory Masks Is 'Coming' To Quebec

In a May 14 interview on Radio-Canada's Tout le Matin, Dr. Horacio Arruda suggested that the end of mandatory masks is "coming" in Quebec, depending on how the situation evolves and possibly subject to certain conditions.

Responding to a question about whether or not Quebec will remove mandatory masking for fully vaccinated people like the CDC in the United States recently did, Arruda said that "it's coming to Quebec, I don't want to tell you that it's not coming, there will be relief [in] all sorts of activities and measures."

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While certain conditions will need to be met, Arruda hinted that officials will eventually move to allow fully vaccinated individuals who are in the same place to "take off the mask and even reduce the 2-metre distancing."

"It's around September that the majority of the population will have [received] two doses," he said.

Of course, no definite dates were given, but the end of widespread mandatory mask measures might finally be in sight.