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Espace Pour La Vie's Summer Lineup Includes Jellyfish, Meteors & Sea Buckthorn Slushies

The calendar just dropped — and it's chock-full of fun, educational activities.
Espace Pour La Vie's Summer Lineup Includes Jellyfish, Meteors & Sea Buckthorn Slushies

Espace pour la vie's summer schedule is back, and it's jam-packed with activities at the biodome, planetarium and Montreal Botanical Garden, which celebrated its 90th anniversary on June 9.

During this summer's lineup, you can spend a weekend viewing turtles and Chantecler chickens, see new shows at the Rio Tinto Alcan Planetarium and check out photography exhibits at the gardens — all while snacking on some wild carrots and a sea buckthorn slushie.

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Botanical Garden

The botanical garden's café terrasse has created intriguing summer treats to enjoy while lounging among flora and fauna — rhubarb ice cream, a sea buckthorn slushie — which tastes sort of tangy, tropical and tart — and wild carrots.

A tour of the Japanese Garden offers views of carp and turtles in nearby ponds, along with the Enchanting Botanical Prints exhibition by artist Sandrine de Borman.

The First Nations Garden is offering a photography exhibition, Kuugaaluk: Along the traces of our forefathers, by anthropologist and Inuit Arctic specialist Lisa Qiluqqi Koperqualuk.


The planetarium's Origins exhibit is an interstellar selection of large-format photographs by Olivier Grunewald.

The planetarium is also offering the aurōrae screening, dissecting the aurora borealis from outer space to the Earth's core.

The new dome theatres are also showing a wide variety of films this summer.


At the biodome, the exhibition La preuve par l'image shows a series of photographs that illustrate scientific research of flora and fauna, taken by researchers — some from the insectarium in Montreal.

Every month, the biodome showcases one specific species or environment to discover in its ecosystems — this month, jellyfish are on display.

In July, the biodome will showcase the foreshore, which is the area between the low and high tide, and in August, it'll showcase flatfish. 

The It's Time to Act exhibition at the exit of the biodome's ecosystems highlights concrete things that ordinary people, groups, businesses and governments across the world are doing to fight climate change and help the environment.