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Montrealers May Be Able To Spot The Wolf Moon In The Sky Today

The first full moon of 2021!
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Montrealers May Be Able To Spot The Wolf Moon In The Sky Today

When it comes to finding events to look forward to in 2021, you can always count on having the 12 full moons in Montreal to check out.

And the one happening tonight, on January 28, is what's widely known as the "Wolf Moon," a name which is said to originate from certain Indigenous traditions.

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2:16 p.m. When the Wolf Moon is expected to be visible in Montreal

The Old Farmer's Almanac tells us, "it's thought that January's full Moon came to be known as the Wolf Moon because wolves were more often heard howling at this time."

"It was traditionally believed that wolves howled due to hunger during winter, but we know today that wolves howl for other reasons. Howling and other wolf vocalizations are generally used to define territory, locate pack members, reinforce social bonds, and coordinate hunting."

The moon is supposed to start to be visible as of 2:16 p.m. in Montreal, which gives us a lot of time to see it for ourselves before curfew hits.

According to Environment Canada, there will be a mix of sun and clouds all day until 5 p.m. and when night falls, it'll be "partly cloudy," which means there's a chance we'll get to see the Wolf Moon as it sits up in the sky.

So, make sure to take a little stroll around the city later today, as you may just spot a beautiful full moon starring down at you.

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