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Gas Prices In Montreal Should Rise This Weekend — Here's Where You Can Fill Up For Less

The price per litre is up over 10 cents compared to a week ago.

A person walks near a Petro-Canada gas station.​

A person walks near a Petro-Canada gas station.

Gasoline hit an average of $2.15 per litre on Friday with costs expected to rise further over the weekend. Motorists could see gas stations pump up their prices to $2.18 per litre within the next 24 hours rounding out a 10-cent jump compared to one week ago.

CAA-Quebec recommends that drivers fill up before prices rise further, citing a 4-cent difference between the current average per litre ($2.14) and the realistic average for the province ($2.18).

The cheapest spots on Friday are spread across the city with the Costco in Anjou offering the lowest price at $2.04 per litre, according to Gas Buddy. In a close second, with $2.06 per litre, is an Esso in Rivière-des-Prairies.

An Ultramar in Ahuntsic is reportedly selling gas at $2.07 per litre, while a Petro-Canada nearby was marked around $2.09 per litre. A Shell station in Mercier has prices set at $2.10 per litre of unleaded.

An Ultramar in Lachine and Shell in Laval are both going for $2.10 per litre. Just off-island, a St-Laurent Shell has gas for $2.05 per litre.

Meanwhile, many experts are predicting that prices will continue to rise over the summer, as demand rises during the summer months.

The rest of the country is facing a similar upward trend with Toronto at $2.08 per litre on Friday and Vancouver at a whopping $2.31 per litre. Price monitor Gas Wizard predicts both cities will likely see costs rise by at least three cents per litre in the coming days.

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