Uber & Uber Eats Fees Could Go Up To Cover Rising Montreal Gas Costs

Drivers are feeling the strain after pump prices hit a record high.

MTL Blog, Associate Editor
​A blue Chevy kicks up water on a Montreal highway after a heavy rain.

A blue Chevy kicks up water on a Montreal highway after a heavy rain.

Record-high fuel costs are walloping the wallets of Montreal motorists with no end in sight. For rideshare and delivery drivers the impact is especially acute — and that means Uber and Uber Eats customers could soon see a rise in rates to reduce the financial strain on gas-dependent gig workers.

"[Our] temporary fuel surcharge remains in effect. We will continue to monitor the gas price situation over the coming weeks and may make changes to the surcharge," Quebec Public Affairs Manager for Uber Jonathan Hamel told MTL Blog.

The company introduced surcharge fees two months ago when gas prices first began to soar in the city. In early March, motorists were startled by a $1.86 per litre average. In response, Uber added a $0.50 surcharge to every ride and a $0.35 surcharge to every delivery, with 100% of the fees going directly to drivers.

Uber assured service users that the fuel surcharges were temporary and would last for 60 days.

Since Monday, however, pump prices have soared to $2.15 per litre of unleaded and some gas stations were charging 2 cents more per litre by Tuesday.

Meanwhile, some rideshare drivers south of the border are petitioning Uber (and Lyft) to help cover rising gas costs.

"Raise the rates that the customer pays to help drivers deal with the cost of rising gas prices," reads the appeal by petition creator Holly Rubino.

"Companies could also take a smaller commission from fares and we should be paid for our mileage to pick up the customer from the point where we have accepted their request to when we have dropped them off at their desired location."

Price monitoring site Gas Wizard forecasts a $2.16 per litre average in Montreal by Wednesday. CAA-Quebec is suggesting that drivers fill up ahead of the increase.

Sofia Misenheimer
MTL Blog, Associate Editor
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