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You Can Get $1 Churros In Montreal This Weekend

How many doughy, cinnamon-sugar-coated pastries can you eat in one sitting?
You Can Get $1 Churros In Montreal This Weekend

Everyone loves churros — what could be bad about fried choux pastry dough covered in cinnamon sugar and sometimes stuffed with caramel or chocolate? If you're getting hungry just thinking about the popular Latin American treat, then mark your calendar because you now officially have plans at Churros Montreal on Saturday.

To celebrate its 22nd anniversary of operation, Churros Montreal will be selling churros for $1 on June 19.

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The food truck on Rue Saint-Hubert will be dishing out $1 churros starting at noon.

These churros normally go for $2 a piece so this is your chance to load up on churros for half the price. 

Flavours include dulce de leche, plain with sugar, sugar and cinnamon and Nutella. 

$1 Churro Day

Price: $1 per churro

When: Saturday, June 19, starting at noon

Address: 7497, rue Saint-Hubert, Montreal, QC

Why You Need To Go: Five churros for $5 sounds like the perfect way to spend a Saturday.

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