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Quebecers Can Apply To Make $1,200 Drinking Beer As 'Professional Hangover Testers'

Get paid to party!
Quebecers Can Apply To Make $1,200 Drinking Beer As 'Professional Hangover Testers'

What's better than a nice, cold beer? Getting paid to drink that nice, cold beer. EduBirdie, a professional essay writing service geared toward students, is hiring between 28 and 40 hangover testers who will get paid to party — and, yes, Quebecers can apply!

The point of the "research" is to study which of the 15 most popular American beer brands has the smallest impact on productivity the next day, according to the website

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If you get the gig, you'll be provided with two to four brands of beer, as well as snacks and water for you and up to three friends.  

You'll get paid a flat fee of $300 per beer brand, which you'll test over the course of three weeks. 

After each beer you test, you'll evaluate it based on hangover severity, dizziness, head-cracking, fatigue, dry mouth, light sensitivity, and general beer satisfaction. 

Each tester will have to pass two tests to determine productivity — one the day before you drink and another the morning after. 

EduBirdie says it's looking for students or people with a "college mentality" and "those who know how it is to be hungover during your exam."

You have to be 21 or older to apply. The application deadline is March 19.

Professional Hangover Testers

Salary: Up to $1,200

Company: EduBirdie

Who Should Apply: Students, students-at-heart, and anyone who likes to drink responsibly. 

Apply Here

Narcity does not condone the overconsumption of alcohol or other legal substances. If you are going to drink alcohol or consume cannabis, please do so responsibly and only if you’re of legal age.

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