Good News: Montreal $2 Chow Has Not Been Affected By Inflation

Is Saint-Laurent's $2 chow mein still $2? 🍜

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Food from 2 Chow restaurant on St Laurent in Montreal, Quebec. Right: Hand-written menu.

Food from 2 Chow restaurant on St Laurent in Montreal, Quebec. Right: Hand-written menu.

There are loads of Montreal restaurants that offer up some stellar post-night out eats. However, nothing will come close to Saint-Laurent's iconic Chez Mein, which offers up $2 noodles smothered in delicious peanut sauce. Mhm! $2 noodles smothered in peanut sauce.

Yeah, sure poutine is a classic drunk food, but have you ever stumbled over to the Chez Mein window to snag those $2 noodles for what can only be described as the true cherry on top of a night out? The answer to that question should always, and only be, "yes."

While the landmark resto has been serving up what's come to be called "2 chow" for years now, it's only fair to wonder whether or not the $2 price on those peanut noodles has stayed put amidst the rising cost of like... well, everything.

A meal from Chez Mein.A meal from Chez Mein.Mike Chaar | MTLBlog

Well, it has! After a night on the dancefloor this past weekend, I decided it was time for some much needed 2 chow, which got me thinking... is it still going to be $2?

As walked on over to the classic Chez Mein window, I was pleasantly surprised to see that their chow mein is still $2. Although I could've gotten my noodle and peanut sauce game on for a mere toonie, I wanted a little more.

I got the number four combo special: chow mein, two spring rolls and two dumplings for $4.75. And yes, there was peanut sauce everywhere.

Now I couldn't tell you what these noodles taste like sober, but after a few drinks and some Britney Spears bops, I can safely say that it's Michelin star-worthy, and at the same price it's been for years?! Gordon Ramsay should be shaking in his boots.

Saint-Laurent $2 Chow Mein

Restaurant: Chez Mein

Price: $2 chow mein noodles with peanut sauce (cash only)

Address: 3754, boul. Saint-Laurent, Montreal, QC


Mike Chaar
Assistant Editor, MTL Blog
Mike Chaar is an Assistant Editor for MTL Blog focused on recalls in Canada and is based in Montreal, Quebec.
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