Doug Ford Asked Legault To Bet On The Habs/Leafs Series & He Refused... At First

Will we get to see Ontario's premier in a Canadiens jersey?

At the end of Ontario Premier Doug Ford's reopening plan announcement on May 20, he filled Ontarians in on his request to bet on the Montreal Canadiens/Toronto Maple Leafs series, which started last night.

Ford said he asked Quebec Premier François Legault to bet on the first Habs/Leafs playoff game in a friendly switch of hockey jerseys for the winning and losing team. 

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However, Ford said Legault refused to bet on the Habs. 

"I called my buddy François Legault [...] he's a great guy, we're good pals, I think the world of the guy — and we usually put a little wager [...] every single game," he said. 

Ford said he texted Legault that he would wear a Canadiens shirt if the Leafs lost the series, and Legault would have to wear a Leafs shirt if the Canadiens lost.

"This is the only time my buddy François won't bet me now. What does that tell you, folks," Ford said.

Legault Changes His Mind 

After the Canadiens’ 2-1 victory in game one of the Habs/Leafs series, Legault seemed motivated to bet on Montreal’s favourites, tweeting at Ford, “OK, @fordnation. I accept the bet. Canadiens in 6!”

While we appreciate the pro-Habs sentiment, Premier Legault, that's not really how bets work.

There’s been no word from Ford yet on whether he's still up for the bet.

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