Here's What The Renovated Montreal Biodome Looks Like On The Inside (PHOTOS)

After two long years of renovations, the Montreal Biodome finally opened last summer. The museum has exciting new features like enhanced viewing platforms and an all-new icy entrance to its penguin habitat. Photos from Espace pour la vie offer a glimpse of what visitors can expect from the renovated space in case you haven't gotten a chance to visit just yet.

With plenty of things for you to discover, the Biodome offers visitors an even more intimate experience with nature than ever before. 

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"Reconnecting with nature, appreciating it, and getting to know and understand it better is the first step in what is becoming a crucial movement to protect it," said Charles-Mathieu Brunelle, director of Espace pour la vie

Along with the new observation areas in the rainforest and lynx sections plus the renovated penguin area, the Biodome has overhauled its visitor experience, making it "multisensory" and "far more immersive."

"I invite you all to come in large numbers to see the amazing new changes at the Biodome," said Mayor Valérie Plante in an Instagram story shortly before the opening last year.

The first thing you'll notice is an impressive mezzanine that dramatically shows off the building's stunning futuristic architecture. 

Marc Cramer | Curtesy of Espace pour la vie

Mathieu Rivard | Courtesy of Espace pour la vie

In the spirit of social distancing and health regulations, there's ample space for people to walk around safely, without any concern of being too close to others.

To make your walk through nature even more immersive, Espace pour la vie has created a tour guide app that visitors can download so they can learn more about the animals they've come to observe. 

Mathieu Rivard | Courtesy of Espace pour a vie

Several observation decks in the rainforest and the lynx enclosures offer views of the natural world that bring you almost right into the action. 

Claude Lafond | Courtesy of Espace pour la vie

Marc Cramer | Courtesy of Espace pour la vie

The improvements don't end there, but you should definitely visit the Biodome whenever you have the chance. We can only show you so much, after all!

Mathieu Rivard | Courtesy of Espace pour la vie

You can book your tickets today to visit the Biodome today.