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The Montreal Insectarium's Grand Reopening Is Happening Next Month

You'll get to see all kinds of free-flying butterflies. 🦋

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The Montreal Insectarium rendering.

The Montreal Insectarium rendering.

Just like when a caterpillar turns into a butterfly, the Montreal Insectarium has gone through quite a transformation recently.

After being closed for three years for renovations, this iconic museum has finally confirmed its reopening date!

As of April 13, the Montreal Insectarium will finally welcome back visitors to explore the result of its mega renovation project, which they refer to as a metamorphosis.

This is happening one year later than anticipated due to the pandemic. But as they say — better late than never, right?

In a press release, Espace pour la vie wrote, "The result of an international architectural competition, it will be the first museum in North America where it will be possible to observe so many species of insects — live (some of them roaming free) and naturalized — through a completely renewed museological approach aimed at transforming and enhancing the public's relationship with insects."

All year-round, you'll get to see butterflies "never before presented to the public" fly freely. Just the sound of that can make one's soul happy.

"In addition to the thousands of free-flying butterflies, visitors will be able to see and contemplate many other species of insects in the wild."

It's always nice to hear that the bugs will still get to live a good life while being put on display.

In the new Montreal Insectarium, we're going to be entering the bugs' world. "Visitors will have the opportunity to perceive their environment on the same level as the insects by immersing themselves in their fascinating world in order to change the way they look at these magnificent living beings."

You can buy your tickets in advance on Espace pour la vie's website.

The Montreal Insectarium's Grand Reopening

Cost: $17 per adult, $13 for students 18 years and older

When: April 13, 2022

Address: 4581, rue Sherbrooke E., Montreal, QC

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