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3 Baby Puffins Were Born At The Montreal Biodôme & The Photos Are Too Adorable For Words

We spoke to the Biodôme about its plan for them.

Montreal Biodôme Welcomes Adorable Baby Puffins (PHOTOS)

The Biodôme is a coveted spot for Montreal animal lovers, so newborn creatures feel like new members of the Montreal community. It's especially exciting when the new members are as cute as these three baby puffins — two of whom were born on July 17 and one of whom was born on July 25. Awww!

A Biodôme spokesperson, Margaux Delmas, told MTL Blog that the baby puffins will be monitored by technicians to make sure they are healthy. The first few days of care are focused on disinfecting their navels, if necessary, and weighing them, as well as giving them calcium and vitamin-fortified fish, she said.

Montreal Biod\u00f4me Welcomes Adorable Baby Puffins (PHOTOS)Espace pour la vie (Eric Charette)

The baby puffins stay with their parents until they are 30 to 35 days old. According to Delmas, that's when they are ready to leave the nest and when they are put into isolation to wean.

They'll join the Biodôme's puffin habitat when they can eat by themselves and have a water-repellent plumage, she said.

Montreal Biod\u00f4me Welcomes Adorable Baby Puffins (PHOTOS)Espace pour la vie (Eric Charette)

"The three puffins have a great genetic value that will contribute to the bird colony's sustainability," Delmas said.

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While the Biodôme doesn't name its birds, Delmas said they will be given a coloured band as a microchip to identify them.

These little chicks, called pufflings, are expected to turn into full-grown adult Atlantic puffins with big orange beaks, a weight of around 380 grams and a wingspan of 53 to 61 centimetres.

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