Famous UQAM Graduate Hélène Boudreau Was Hospitalized After A Dirt Bike Crash

'There's never a dull moment with me,' she said.
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Famous UQAM Graduate Hélène Boudreau Was Hospitalized After A Dirt Bike Crash

Hélène Boudreau, a popular and controversial Quebec social media personality, model and artist, was hospitalized Sunday after she was injured in a dirt bike accident while on a date, according to the influencer’s Facebook account.

“I said I wasn't meeting anyone... but today I decided to go on a date and do some motocross... verdict: I ran into a concrete block and broke my leg,” she stated in a Facebook post Sunday. “What a joy my life is. I'm going into surgery now.”

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She needed surgery to repair a cracked tibia

Boudreau told Narcity that she had been in hospital since Sunday and was being scheduled for surgery to repair a cracked tibia on Monday afternoon.

The accident was painful but she was in good spirits: “First time on a motocross bike, and I ran into a concrete block," she said. "The head of the tibia cracked. I'm having the operation at around 1 p.m. today.”

“No joke, I cried once when they moved my leg, but mostly laughed all day,” she said. “The pain was so intense that my body found it quite funny.”

How is she doing?

[rebelmouse-image 26878045 photo_credit="Courtesy of H\u00e9l\u00e8ne Boudreau" expand=1 original_size="1957x1186"] Courtesy of Hélène Boudreau

Boudreau said the crash happened while she was on a date with a man she’d rejected numerous times “because she didn't want to meet.”

Despite the crash, she would consider a second date as “he is really nice to me and takes care of me,” though she’s “still single,” she added.

“I'm on the lawn with my body all busted up and I say to my date: 'take a picture of me, it will make a nice souvenir,’” she said.

She said she’d also be willing to try dirt biking again, "but the track mustn't have any concrete blocks."

Is she still single?

Known as "the UQAM girl," Boudreau rose to fame after her semi-nude graduation photos ensnared her in a legal spat with the Université du Québec à Montréal for trademark violation, though it was settled out of court.

She recently joined the adult site OnlyFans — which earns her a six-figure income, she claimed — but the injury is unlikely to interrupt her modelling career.

"I already have a lot of ideas in my head about videos in the cast,” she said.  

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