Hélène Boudreau: Everything To Know About Quebec’s OnlyFans Icon

It all started with a grad pic.

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Helene Boudreau posing on a bed wearing neon yellow and pink lingerie, Right: Helene Boudreau posing with a drink in her hand wearing a taupe outfit while vacationing in Mexico.

Helene Boudreau posing on a bed wearing neon yellow and pink lingerie, Right: Helene Boudreau posing with a drink in her hand wearing a taupe outfit while vacationing in Mexico.

Hélène Boudreau — whether you love her or love to hate on her, it's a name you've certainly heard of before. The OnlyFans tycoon has gone on to make a name for herself throughout Quebec and it's safe to say Boudreau is now going global.

If you're not entirely familiar with Boudreau (mhm…sure you're not), then we've got you covered with everything and anything to know about Quebec's very own XXX icon.

Who is Hélène Boudreau?

Hélène Boudreau first sparked controversy back in 2021 after she exposed her breasts for her UQAM graduation photo, a pic that is known to have started it all. The "scandal" made headlines across Quebec, landing Boudreau interviews with TVA Nouvelles, Tout le monde en parle, and Narcity, to name a few.

Boudreau didn't shy away from the spotlight, making sure her 15 minutes of fame turned into a lifetime of wealth, and it's all thanks to her thriving OnlyFans and adult entertainment career.

What does Hélène Boudreau do for a living?

​After gaining notoriety in Quebec following the release of her UQAM grad pic, Boudreau began to commit to OnlyFans full-time, creating solo, couple and group content.

Boudreau remains a top earner on OnlyFans; collaborating with fellow XXX creators and signing her first major deal with the adult entertainment network Bang.

Does Hélène Boudreau have a degree?

Following her grad pic fiasco-turn success story, Boudreau revealed that while she posed with her grad cap on and diploma in hand, she didn't actually graduate. Well, in the fall of 2022, the OF star shared that she would be returning to UQAM to complete her degree. In January 2023, Boudreau took to social media to share that she had finally earned all of her remaining credits.

"Finally some good news! I passed my last course and I have my bachelor's degree in visual and media arts," she wrote.

Where does Hélène Boudreau live?

Boudreau was born and raised in Quebec and currently lives in a condo in Montreal. The OnlyFans creator has recently shared that she plans on moving out of Quebec in order to expand her career opportunities. Boudreau said that the United States and Mexico are both on her radar.

Despite having a residence here in Montreal, Boudreau is often jet-setting across the globe. She is currently in Mexico, as documented on her social media, and will return to Montreal in mid-April 2023.

How much does Hélène Boudreau make on OnlyFans?

In 2021, Boudreau reported to Narcity Québec that she was earning anywhere between $10,000 to $20,000 on OnlyFans per month following her UQAM grad pic. After gaining loads of media exposure, Boudreau said that her earnings skyrocketed and she was bringing in $100,000 per month.

Contacted by MTL Blog, Boudreau preferred to keep her 2022 income private.

How much is Hélène Boudreau worth?

In 2021, Boudreau told Narcity Québec that her net worth was a whopping $3 million, mainly due to owning a triplex at the time and her online content income. Boudreau's present net worth remains unknown.

Who is Hélène Boudreau dating?

Hélène Boudreau is currently dating fellow adult content creator Jessy Jones. Boudreau went public with their relationship back in September 2022.

What's next for Hélène Boudreau?

Boudreau has indicated that OnlyFans and the world of adult entertainment is not on her agenda for the long run. In a series of Instagram Stories, Boudreau shared that she would like to commit to the industry for roughly five years in order to earn as much income as possible. She plans on investing her hard-earned cash during this time and plans to retire as early as possible.

Boudreau is currently debating moving outside of Quebec to broaden her horizons and collaborate with other content creators in Los Angeles or Las Vegas.

As for what her future looks like, Boudreau shared back in 2022 that she plans on changing her name and plans for kids are definitely on the table.

"At 35, I'm going to be retired and I'm not going to be on social media anymore. You won't be able to see my child or know my name. I'm going to be living off my real estate and at daycare, there's going to be a nanny that's going to pick up my child or children and I'm going to have changed my name," she said.

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