IKEA Canada’s 3-Course Valentine’s Day Dinner Is A Real Thing (No Assembly Required)

You need to reserve a place for this dinner, which comes somewhere between lowkey and Allen key. 🧆💕

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​Someone surprises another person with a bouquet of roses. Right: Nordic fruit water is poured into a coupe.

Someone surprises another person with a bouquet of roses. Right: Nordic fruit water is poured into a coupe.

Montrealers hoping to build a relationship — and maybe some living room furniture — this Valentine's Day need look no further than their nearest IKEA.

The purveyor of DIY home decor and addictive Swedish meatballs is hosting a reservation-only multi-course meal for two that's somewhere between lowkey and Allen key.

Members can snag the special IKEA Valentine’s Day Dining Experience for $30, while non-members pay $40. Each participant will receive an appetizer, main course, dessert and mocktail. Alcohol purchases are separate.

The meal kicks off with either a soup or salad, followed by a choice of entrée: meatballs with spiced potatoes and pea salad with turmeric sour cream sauce; plant balls with curry cauliflower, lime & coconut sauce, served with green beans and red pepper salsa; or salmon served with vegetable vermicelli, Sichuan vegetables, and sauteed sesame coriander sauce. Dessert includes your pick of berry cheesecake or chocolate caramel cake.

Tickets can only be purchased in person at the IKEA Swedish Restaurant. The store advises reserving in advance to secure your seats, in case they run out faster than you can say MÖRBYLÅNGA.

Maybe after the meal, you can stroll through the store to pick out a new loveseat with your date. After all, there's no truer relationship test than a joint trip to IKEA.

IKEA x Valentine's Day

When: February 14, 2023

Where: IKEA Montreal, 9191, boul Cavendish & IKEA Boucherville, 586, chem. de Touraine


Sofia Misenheimer
MTL Blog, Associate Editor
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