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Jagmeet Singh Explained Why He Loves Quebec

The NDP leader's love affair with Quebec runs deep.

Jagmeet Singh Explained Why He Loves Quebec

NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh has always had a soft spot for Quebec and has made it no secret that he absolutely loves the province. But not just because of the poutine and bagels.

He recently visited Montreal on his campaign trail and caught up with Narcity Québec's Jean-Michel Claremont-Goulet for an exclusive interview in French.

Le chef du NPD Jagmeet Singh confie pourquoi il est en amour avec le QuébecNarcity Québec | YouTube

"The first time I visited Montreal and Quebec City, I fell in love with the province," the NDP leader recalled. "I've never missed a year without visiting Quebec since I was 18."

Growing up in anglophone cities, Singh suggested he lacked an immersive French experience, but was always attracted to the language and took it upon himself to learn it at school.

"I fell in love with the French language when I was young."

"I love the culture, the vibe, the feeling — I love Quebec and all Quebecers."

Singh underlined that he wants to be an ally to the province to create a better society and that he takes this task personally.

"It's very personal to me, my love for the language and Quebec culture."

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