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Justin Trudeau Ate At One Of His Favourite Montreal Restaurants During A Trip To The City

He's been going to Marven's for years.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau orders food at Marven's restaurant.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau orders food at Marven's restaurant.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was in Montreal on Sunday to visit his Papineau constituency and once again attend Montreal Greek Independence Day festivities. He also stopped by what he called one of his favourite spots in the city: Greek greasy spoon Marven's.

Trudeau took his Papineau office employees out to lunch at the Parc-Extension eatery.

"Grabbed lunch with some of my favourite people – at one of my favourite spots," he/his social media manager wrote in a social media post. "To the team from my Papineau office, and to everyone at Marven’s: It’s always so good to see you. Glad we could spend some time together today."

Trudeau wasn't lying about his love for Marven's — or at least his love for the folksy photo opportunity.

A cursory Twitter search shows the prime minister calling the restaurant one of his favourites since at least 2019.

He also took the provincial premiers out to eat at Marven's in 2018.

Later on Sunday, he marched in the Montreal Greek Independence Day parade alongside Montreal Mayor Valérie Plante. The prime minister has participated in the local celebration four other times since becoming prime minister in 2015.

"There’s nowhere I’d rather celebrate," a subsequent social media post reads. "I’ve been coming here for years to mark this day — and it’s always a pleasure. Zito Hellas!"

The City of Montreal otherwise illuminated the Biosphere in Parc Jean-Drapeau in blue to mark the Greek holiday.

Trudeau's public itinerary shows him back in Ottawa on Monday, March 27.

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