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La Tulipe's Court Date Was Pushed So It Can Negotiate With The Company That Wants It Quiet

The Plateau borough mayor promises La Tulipe won't close.

Staff Writer
La Tulipe's Court Date Was Pushed So It Can Negotiate With The Company That Wants It Quiet

The pressure on La Tulipe has potentially eased off a little bit after the venue's court date for a dispute involving a neighbouring residential complex was moved to March 2022. Plateau-Mont-Royal borough mayor Luc Rabouin announced the news on Facebook, detailing that the venue and the real estate company have agreed to a sit-down to find a possible solution out of court.

"The court hearing that was scheduled for next Monday has been postponed until March, allowing the parties involved to sit down and discuss solutions," Rabouin said.

On December 14, La Tulipe posted a plea for help in its conflict with a real estate company that built residential units nearby. After a series of noise complaints and fines, the real estate agency filed an injunction against the music venue, a move La Tulipe said could potentially force it to shut its doors.

Intense public outcry followed, with Montrealers bemoaning the potential loss of yet another cultural institution thanks to real estate development. The city's administration got publicly involved shortly after La Tulipe's post went viral.

At a press conference, Rabouin admitted that the Plateau-Mont-Royal borough made a mistake by issuing a residential building permit near La Tulipe and claimed his team had already been involved in talks with both parties. He has promised the city will do everything it can to protect the venue.

"The cultural vitality of the metropolis and the Plateau is an asset that must be preserved, and we are clearly committed to this path," Rabouin wrote on December 20.

"Our administration attaches great importance to the quality of life of every citizen who chooses to live in our neighbourhoods. Of course, we believe that this must be done by making them attractive for their residents and viable for those who promote and present culture there."

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