Legault Clarified The Rules On Visiting Single-Person Households In Quebec Red Zones

If it wasn't clear before, he WANTS you to visit folks who live solo.

In a news conference on October 20, Quebec Premier François Legault addressed the rules surrounding visiting people who live alone in Quebec red zones.

While private gatherings are still prohibited in red zones, Legault encouraged — and outright asked — Quebecers to visit people who live alone, one at a time.

Why? He acknowledged the potential negative mental health effects of the pandemic, as well as how prolonged isolation can heavily impact morale.

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I want to ask Quebecers to visit a person living alone.

Premier François Legault

"People who live on their own have the right to have one person visit them. It could be their child [or] their friend," he said.

"I know that there are mounting mental health problems in people who are alone. So, if you have the chance to visit a person living alone, you have the right, one at a time, but you have the right to go."

Legault clarified that visitors should only come one at a time in order to "avoid groups." 

This advice is somewhat contrary to the government's previous recommendation to "always receive the same person in order to limit social contacts," but the webpage has not been updated since October 9.

The government recently published projections that show how the second wave could be diminished if Quebecers each reduced social contacts by 25% more.

*The title of this article has been updated.