As vote counting continues in the United States and tensions climax, Americans aren’t the only ones feeling the stress. At a press conference Thursday, Quebec Premier Francois Legault wished for a return to calm in our fiercely divided neighbour to the south.

“Americans are very divided,” the premier said.

“That’s not good for anyone. It’s adding to the anxiety [...] already created by the pandemic.”

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I wish [...] for Americans an ease of tensions between the two groups of citizens.

Premier François Legault

But the premier also offered a more optimistic perspective, highlighting Quebec’s strong relationship with both the U.S. federal government and those of individual states and stating that they would continue to work together.

“No matter who wins,” Legault said, “the United States will always be a very, very important partner — crucial — for Quebec.”

He specifically mentioned his relationships and past exchanges with the governors of New York, Massachusetts, California and Texas. 

Legault’s comments Thursday came after he expressed skepticism about wading into American politics.

More than 24 hours after Election Day, vote counting has turned into an intense contest in some states.

Neither Donald Trump nor Joe Biden has secured the 270 Electoral College votes needed to win the presidency.