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Legault Says, 'I'm Doing My Best' But Admits He's 'Not Perfect'

The premier responded to questions about changing rules in recent weeks.
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Legault Says, 'I'm Doing My Best' But Admits He's 'Not Perfect'

Whether or not Premier François Legault's credibility has diminished in recent weeks is up for debate but Quebec's leader wants you all to know that he's "doing his best" when it comes to managing the pandemic.

Like "all Quebecers," said the premier on Thursday, he's "not perfect."

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"Quebecers, they see that I do my best," said Legault, "but when we need to make some adjustments, I'm doing that very fast."

Legault faced some heat after announcing several changes to mask rules at the beginning of the month, mandating that people needed to wear masks outdoors if they can't maintain a two-metre distance. But on April 14, Legault wrote a lengthy Facebook post that backtracked on the outdoor mask rules.

Legault also didn't pull his punches when criticizing his political opposition at the National Assembly and said that "the opposition doesn't respect public health, they don't believe what public health is saying."

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