Loto-Québec Is Looking For 3 $1,000,000 Lottery Winners Who Haven't Come Forward Yet

3 people out there are now millionaires and might not even know it.
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Loto-Québec Is Looking For 3 $1,000,000 Lottery Winners Who Haven't Come Forward Yet

Take another look at your tickets, Quebecers! Loto-Québec is looking for three $1,000,000 lottery winners who have not yet claimed their prizes.

One of those tickets was purchased in Laval and the other two in Montérégie, in the MRCs of Beauharnois-Salaberry and La Vallée-du-Richelieu.

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The breakdown, including winning numbers, from Loto-Québec is as follows:

  • Lotto 6/49

    • Prize: $1,000,000

    • Winning number: 63523832-01

    • Where: Montérégie, MRC of Beauharnois-Salaberry

    • Draw date: April 7, 2021

  • Banco

    • Prize: $1,000,000

    • Winning numbers: 04 05 07 14 15 16 17 27 33 34 37 44 46 51 54 55 57 61 62 65

    • Where: Montérégie, MRC of La Vallée-du-Richelieu

    • Draw date: April 1, 2021

  • Extra

    • Prize: $1,000,000

    • Winning number: 7746780

    • Where: Laval

    • Draw date: October 9, 2020

"Winners have 12 months following the draw to claim their prize," says Loto-Québec.

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