Mayor Plante's Naughty Slip Of The Tongue When Talking About Leylah Fernandez Is Funny AF

Nineteen-year-old tennis star Leylah Fernandez has been putting Quebec on the map with historic wins landing her in this weekend's U.S. Open final. Naturally, local leaders have been speaking out to commend her, but Montreal Mayor Valérie Plante seems to have gotten a little carried away with a hilarious slip of the tongue.

At a press conference on September 10, Mayor Plante was showering Fernandez with praise when she accidentally said a naughty word.

Radio-Canada journalist Thomas Gerbet captured the whole thing on video and shared it on Twitter.

"[Fernandez] lights up the tennis court, she lights up the screen. We see a determined, smiling girl and it's very contagious," says Mayor Plante. "I want to say that her passion for the penis..."

She stops short, surprised at herself, and buries her head in her hands.

It's clear that Mayor Plante meant to say "tennis" and not "penis," and people were quick to burst out laughing, including the mayor herself.

On social media, people have praised Mayor Plante for choosing to laugh at her slip of the tongue rather than ignore it and pretend it never happened.