Mayor Plante Released A Wish List For Montreal Ahead Of Quebec's October Election

It's a long list of priorities she hopes political parties will adopt.

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Montreal Mayor Valérie Plante.

Montreal Mayor Valérie Plante.

Ahead of the coming election in Quebec, Montreal Mayor Valérie Plante has released a set of requests for politicians hoping to gain power in the province. The goal of these requests is to ensure that the needs and wants of Montrealers are reflected in the policies and plans of provincial officials, the city administration says.

The plan sets forth four focal points to which Plante hopes each political party will adhere. She expects that they will propose a "clear plan" for the metropolis in their platforms, pay Montreal "what it's owed," work alongside the city in reworking its municipal tax system and commit to adopting "major infrastructure investment plans" with an eye to the city's future.

In a press release, Plante emphasized the importance of addressing the impacts of the climate crisis, Quebec's housing crisis, and a perceived increase in armed violence. "Montreal is the economic and cultural engine of Quebec," she stated, "and the first thing we are asking for is a clear and quantified plan to contribute to a green, safe, affordable, and prosperous future for the metropolis."

Among the requests made in the full, detailed plan released by the city of Montreal is that the city be sufficiently paid for municipal projects the administration says are Quebec's duty, such as land purchases for school construction, health and social services (especially "psychosocial interventions"), and some police and fire department services.

To fund what the administration says are the city's growing responsibilities, Montreal also wants political parties to commit to sharing more of the sales tax and passing legislation to empower municipalities to tax property sales to non-resident buyers.

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