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Things You Could Buy With The $907 Million Montreal Plans To Spend On Office Equipment

Montreal's municipal government released its budget for 2021 today, and it includes a 10-year vision for the city rather than the typical three. Over the next 10 years, the city plans on spending a total of $18.69 billion on major projects, averaging out to approximately $1.9 billion per year.

While the majority of funds are set to be spent on things like buildings and parks, the city is allocating 4.9% of its budget — a total of $907 million — to.... drum roll please... office furniture and equipment.

To be fair, this includes information technology (IT) equipment, which can be very pricey. But still — that's a whole lot of taxpayer dollars going toward office supplies.

We had some other ideas about how to spend the city's $907-million allocation.

18,000 Tesla Cybertrucks

Mariusz Burcz | Dreamstime

Price: $50,000 each

Details: With $907 million, you could buy 18,000 Tesla Cybertrucks and finally create the futuristic, ultra-sophisticated army of cyborg warriors you've always dreamed of.

19 luxurious private islands

Pressfoto | Dreamstime

Price: $50 million each

Details: If you've dreamed of having an island in the Caribbean or the Bahamas, at a going rate of approximately $50 million, the city's office furniture money could buy you almost 19 private islands. Cue Queen Fergie's "Glamorous."

60 multimillion-dollar homes

Typhoonski | Dreamstime

Price: $15 million each

Details: If luxury real-estate is your thing, you could buy tens of multimillion-dollar homes with Montreal's office supply money.

At least 10 Parliamentary buildings

Scott Prokop | Dreamstime

Price: $87 million each

Details: With the city's office supply money, you could buy — at least part of — Canada's Parliament 10 times over. The Peace Tower on Parliament Hill in Ottawa is said to be worth $87.9 million.

Kylie Cosmetics

Boggy | Dreamstime

Price: $900 million

Details: Montreal's budget for office furniture is just enough to completely buy out Kylie Cosmetics, Kylie Jenner's $900 million cosmetics gold mine. You'd even have a few million to spare for staples and a printer!

A LOT of luxury poutines

Bhofack2 | Dreamstime

Price: $50 each

Details: Picture the poutine of your dreams — foie gras, truffle, gold flakes and organically-cultivated cheese. Let's give it a $50 value. With $907 million, you could buy 18,140,000 of those luxury poutines. Poutine for life, baby!

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