A Photo Of Nikita Kucherov Has Habs Fans Even More Pissed Off At Him

His agent added fuel to the fire.
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A Photo Of Nikita Kucherov Has Habs Fans Even More Pissed Off At Him

The rivalry continues between Quebecers and Tampa Bay Lightning forward Nikita Kucherov, who mocked Montreal Canadiens fans while sipping beer in a shirtless post-game press conference Wednesday night.  

On Thursday morning — just one day after the infamous press conference — Kucherov's agent, Daniel Milstein, tweeted a photo that fanned the flames of an already tense situation.

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While the photo of Kucherov seems harmless, showing him posing with the Stanley Cup in front of a pool and boat, and we don't know the exact intention behind the tweet, the caption added fuel to the fire.

"Nikita is sending kind regards to Montréal Canadiens fans! #WeAreGoldStar!" it read. 

In the comments section, multiple people criticized the lack of class being displayed while others pointed out that the streets of Tampa looked deserted after last night's victory. 

"The Stanley Cup is obviously not big enough to fill your ego! Happy for your win - but I guess you just defined what it means to be a classless, sore winner," tweeted @belangerlisa

At the time this article was published, Kucherov had not given any further explanation for the photo posted by his agent — but he had retweeted it. 

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