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Montreal Canadiens Launch In-Game Escape Room At The Bell Centre This Season

Become a real-life Sherlock Holmes!

Montreal Canadiens Launch In-Game Escape Room At The Bell Centre This Season
Courtesy of the Montreal Canadiens

Hockey season is back with its hot dogs, its star players, its excitement and new features! This year, the Montreal Canadiens and Bell are bringing it all in by offering a first-of-its-kind immersive experience to the fans, on top of a wild game.

Échappe-toi, a France-based escape game design company, that offers its experiences in Montreal among other locations, collaborated with the Habs to combine mysteries and game nights. During every home game this season, four fans will be able to take part in The Bell Canadiens Escape, a 30-minute escape room which will take place under the gaze of the 21,000+ fans in attendance.

Courtesy of the Montreal Canadiens

These detectives will have to solve the mystery of the ghosts of Forum legends, captured by unruly fans and caged in the Canadiens’ President’s office. The ghosts need to be freed in time for the big game so that their fortune benefits the team.

Participants will have to decipher the safe code and retrieve the mythical Canadiens torch to save the ghosts. Watch out for the guards who roam by each period! Fortunately, fans will be able to count on the help of the master of the game, with his pre-recorded messages and his reminders during the precious 30 minutes of the game.

Contestants will find riddles and puzzles about the hockey team, not to mention videos, visual effects and sound effects. The game will be broadcast live on the scoreboard at the beginning of the first period: fans in the stands will be able to discover whether the participants have managed to escape the office and reach their seats. Participants will then be able to enjoy the Habs’ game midway through the first period, indulge in a food combo, and be gifted a shirt with the mention "I escaped!" or "I failed" depending on the outcome.

Excited yet? Tickets for weekday games will be available on their website with the "first come, first served" formula. Make sure to reserve your spot early because quantities are very limited!

For games on Saturdays or during key dates, tickets will be drawn randomly. Packages include an immersive escape game experience for four, four hockey tickets, food and beverage combos, appearances on the jumbotron and an official The Bell Canadiens Escape t-shirt.

Courtesy of the Montreal Canadiens

The Bell Canadiens Escapekicked off this week and is the perfect activity for any Habs fans.

Want to combine your passions for investigation and hockey? Don't hesitate to get your tickets for this unique NHL activity.

If you'd like to learn more about the Canadiens' escape game, you can visit their website, Facebook page and Instagram account.

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