The Montreal Canadiens Will Officially Welcome Fans Back To The Bell Centre For Game 6

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Montreal Canadiens Will Officially Have Fans At The Bell Centre For Game 6

After a hard-fought and somewhat nervy overtime win against the Toronto Maple Leafs on Thursday night, the Montreal Canadiens officially booked their ticket to game six of the Stanley Cup Playoffs. This means that for the first time this year, fans will be in at the Bell Centre cheering on their beloved Habs. 

Up to 2,500 fans will be in the stands on Saturday night and if you're looking to score tickets or are one of the lucky season ticket holders with first-time access, there are just a couple of things you should know before you go.

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With only 2,500 seats available, the Bell Centre has "built the ticketing manifest to allow for the sale of tickets in groupings identified as 'pods' of two and four seats to accommodate family members, friends and/or trusted acquaintances to attend together." There is a mandatory mask policy.

These "pods" will be located on the 100 and 300 sections of the Bell Centre. The first 12 rows of the lower bowl will be closed to fans to keep the players and coaches safe. 

Otherwise, it should be business as usual. If you're one of the lucky fans who are there on Saturday night, wear your colours and cheer as loud as you can to encourage the boys to put an end to the Leafs' hopes and dreams. 

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Staff Writer
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