COVID-19 Outbreaks In Montreal Shops Have Doubled For Workers Since September, Data Shows

The retail sector still tops the list of the city's workplace outbreaks.

Updated Santé Montreal data shows that shops are still the number one workplace where COVID-19 outbreaks occur. In fact, the number of outbreaks in the city's retail sector has doubled in the past month.

As of October 27, 20 workplace outbreaks were recorded in shops, which include retailing and wholesaling, boutiques, big-box stores, grocery stores, and pharmacies — the most of any sector listed.

This is compared to September 30 when MTL Blog reported that there were 10 outbreaks in shops.

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58 Total current COVID-19 outbreaks in Montreal workplaces

An outbreak is defined as being at least two confirmed cases, in less than 14 days, that cannot be explained by a link outside the environment, the CIUSSS confirmed in a statement to MTL Blog.  

Bars, gyms, restaurants and hotels currently make up the second biggest source of workplace outbreaks in the city, with nine outbreaks recorded.

However, the number of outbreaks in these environments has decreased since September, when 17 outbreaks were recorded in the same industries.

The construction sector is currently experiencing five COVID-19 outbreaks.

Most other industries now have between one and three outbreaks, according to the data.

You can find a breakdown of each industry on Santé Montreal's webpage.