Driving Tickets You Can Get In Montreal Because Of The Snow & How Much They'll Cost You

Make sure to be prepared this season. ❄️
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Driving Tickets You Can Get In Montreal Because Of The Snow & How Much They'll Cost You

Winter can be a pretty expensive time of the year. Between heating bills, winter gear and maybe a little more takeout than usual, as the weather starts to drop, your cost of living will likely increase.

So if you're hoping not to rack up many driving tickets in Montreal with winter, you can prepare yourself by knowing what could get you in trouble. 

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Not only should you be a little extra careful on the road, but you should also take precautions when it comes to making sure your car is in prime condition.

All of these fines laid out by the SPVM also come with additional fees and taxes.

Below are the main five things you could get a ticket for this winter.

Driving next to another vehicle at an "unreasonable distance."

Fine: $100

Be Sure To: Keep socially distanced — even on the road. When driving on icy roads, it's best to keep as much distance from other cars as possible.

Forgetting to clean the snow off your car before you start driving.

Fine: $60

Be Sure To: Brush your car as often as you brush your teeth! Having "snow, ice or any other material that could come loose and could present a danger to road users" could lead to a ticket.

Not letting other drivers know your next move.

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Fine: $100

Be Sure To: Communicate! You can get a three-digit fine if you don't "continuously signal [your] intention to perform a manoeuvre."

Failing to clean your headlights and reflectors.

Fine: $60

Be Sure To: Keep shining bright!

And of course, not having your winter tires on by December 1.*

Fine: $200-300

Be Sure To: Get your winter tires put on sooner rather than later.

* This article has been updated.

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