The Upcoming Snowfall In Montreal Could Cause 'Complex Road Conditions' On Monday

It's the most wonderful time of the yeaaar.

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The Upcoming Snowfall In Montreal Could Cause 'Complex Road Conditions' On Monday

Brace yourselves — winter is officially on its way. The Weather Network is predicting the first snowfall in Montreal to hit during the evening of Sunday, November 14.

While it shouldn't be too bad since only 1 to 3 centimetres of snow is expected Sunday night and it's likely to melt away quickly when mixed with the rain, it could make driving a little more difficult.

It really doesn't seem all that bad to be getting a little snow on November 14 this year when we compare it to November 14, 1901, when 24.5 centimetres of snow hit Montreal, which makes what we're expected to get seem like nothing.

But snow is snow, and it can cause a ruckus in our city, as we all know. With the upcoming snowfall quickly making its way over, TWN said anyone without their winter tires on yet could be in for quite a rude awakening Monday morning.

"Even though the amounts of snow are modest for most areas, they could be enough to cause chaos on the roads in many regions. Summer tires do lose a lot of traction with the presence of snow on the ground," TWN explained.

And don't forget, it's mandatory to have your winter tires put on by December 1 — so there's no better time than now to call up your garage and book an appointment. The clock is ticking!

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