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Quebec Drivers Who Don't Have Winter Tires By Now Could Be Fined Up To $300

The government right now: 🤑

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Quebec Drivers Who Don't Have Winter Tires By Now Could Be Fined Up To $300

Have you put on your winter tires yet? If you live in Quebec and haven't done it yet, you could be in trouble.

The SAAQ says that from "December 1 to March 15, your vehicle must be equipped with four winter tires that meet established standards and are in good condition" — it's the law.

And really, if you haven't installed your winter tires already, good luck.

In addition to booked-up shops, a CTV report indicates that given short supplies, drivers should be prepared for higher prices for tires than in years past.

Whether you're installing old tires or buying new ones, the SAAQ recommends that you check the treads.

It says online that for optimal traction "the tread depth of your tires should be at least 4.8 mm (6/32 in) across the entire width of the tire when they are installed."

If you're caught without winter tires after December 1, the police could issue you a ticket between $200 and $300 bucks, plus additional costs.

While there are some exceptions for winter tires in Quebec, they are few and very specific. Motor homes, for instance, are among the SAAQ's list of exceptions. But when was the last time you saw a Winnebago on a Montreal street in the winter?

There are also exceptions for the first week following the purchase of a new car and the last week of a vehicle lease that's at least a year long.

Seriously, book an appointment to get your tires changed if you haven't already. You could save yourself from getting an expensive ticket this winter.

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